February 10, 2015

ED MAP Partners with Capella University

Nelsonville, OH, February 10, 2015 – ED MAP, Inc. has announced a new partnership that will assist Capella University respond to the changing needs and expectations for higher education institutions. ED MAP is a content strategy and logistics company, supporting over 100 institutions and 1 million students. ED MAP’s OPENVUE® platform and supporting services will enable Capella University to find, manage, and deliver innovative and engaging course content to learners via an student portal integrated with their SIS and LMS systems. OPENVUE fulfills Capella University’s need for an enterprise-level learning content management system that goes well beyond merely supporting the resale of, or access to, content from traditional and secondary markets.

According to ED MAP President and COO Kerry S. Pigman, “Capella’s commitment to supporting learners is explicit in their mission statement, promising ‘innovative programs that are responsive to the needs of adult learners and involve active, engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences offered in a variety of delivery modes.’ And ED MAP is eager to assist in supporting that mission by providing superior management and support of their course materials strategy.”

She notes that OPENVUE enables institutions to consolidate all content, regardless of source (traditional or nontraditional) on a centralized platform and supports access to consumption of the content within an LMS. It provides standard and uniform delivery of course content to learners – and, importantly, it allows new and innovative content to be introduced and readily accessible to learners without disrupting current processes.

The transparency built into OPENVUE provides 24/7 access to operational data critical to clients’ daily activities as well as offering longer-term insights into the efficacy of the content – allowing them to improve the course materials and learning experience. For Capella, using OPENVUE will provide them with ultimate flexibility and control over course material fulfillment models that match the unique needs of specific learner groups, and provide a seamless experience for learners accessing a variety of traditional and non-traditional course content.

The platform’s robust, customizable capabilities reflect ED MAP’s flexible approach to working with higher education to discover and fulfill relevant, affordable content, observes ED MAP President Kerry S. Pigman. “Today there are a wide variety of content choices, providers and formats, including more and more digital course materials. Capella is a leader in its space with its innovative and learner-focused activities. ED MAP is excited to collaborate with them to improve learner access to, and engagement with course content, knowing that OPENVUE and our services support whatever content strategy Capella decides to employ – now and in the future.”

About ED MAP

ED MAP is a content strategy and logistics company. Through its people and technology ED MAP simplifies the discovery, adoption, management, and delivery of quality educational content – a complex proposition given the increasing options of content choices today. ED MAP’s products and services allow institutions to find, manage, and deliver innovative and engaging course content to help lower the cost of education and improve outcomes. To address the breakdown of the traditional bookstore model, ED MAP has developed an innovative business model that is designed to enhance customer service, making it convenient and economically attractive for students to use their college bookstore to acquire their course materials. Expert advisory services and outstanding customer service complement its comprehensive technology platform.