Our Impact.

SJF’s impact approach is informed by over two decades of experience and spans the entire lifecycle of an investment, from pre-investment impact diligence to post-investment impact measurement, management and acceleration. Our strategy includes:

  • identifying models that are achieving specific social and environmental outcomes,
  • partnering with companies to scale and improve their impact models,
  • accelerating deeper portfolio impacts through our own contributions, and
  • extending our reach to share lessons learned and affect greater change.

85 portfolio companies

partnering with SJF to scale and accelerate social and environmental outcomes.

13,343 quality jobs

created by SJF portfolio companies.

>3 million metric tons of CO2

mitigated by SJF portfolio companies annually.

Case Studies


Mitigating Climate Change

SJF continues to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources and reduce consumption of fossil fuel resources.

1 million MW of projects

have utilized Terabase's technology in over 150 countries.

35 GW solar trackers

sold or installed worldwide by Nextracker.

>3 GW solar & wind facilities

developed and constructed by Community Energy at the time of SJF's exit.

10%–20% energy savings

for over 14,000 restaurants and retail sites annually by ENTOUCH.

Advancing Education Access & Outcomes

SJF is committed to enhancing the quality, accessibility, and affordability of educational institutions.

>312,000 students and professionals

have benefitted from Interplay Learning's content.

>1.2 million students from Title 1 schools

received access to SchooLinks' College and Career Readiness platform last year.

>5.4 million learners

in 150+ countries have learned English with Voxy.

8 million students

served by Civitas through its 400+ college and university partners.

Conserving Natural Resources

SJF partners with mission-driven entrepreneurs who are enabling reuse, recycling, remanufacturing, and composting of goods.

>4.5 million metric tons of organic waste

composted and mulched by Living Earth.

>4.6 million pounds of waste

diverted from landfills last year by leveraging Optoro's returns technology.

150 million feet of cable

rejuvenated or reused, and 660,000 metric tons of CO2 eliminated by Novinium at the time of SJF's exit.

>30 million shipments of perishable goods

protected by TemperPack's ClimaCell product last year, avoiding the creation of >88 million pounds of CO2.

Improving Health

With a focus on addressing underserved populations and extending care into patients’ homes and communities, SJF carries forward its efforts to transform the U.S. health care system.

>427,000 patients

enrolled in Solera Health programs, with a reported 17% of enrolled patients who achieved greater than 5% weight loss last year.

424 million health messages

powered annually by mPulse Mobile for over 81 million individuals through health plan partners..

60 seconds of speech

required for Ellipsis Health to identify mental health conditions of stress, anxiety, and depression.

>5 million connected users

and >500 connected devices on Validic's digital health platform.

Growing Sustainable Food

Across agricultural and food supply chains, SJF is fostering new models for sustainable and nutritious food production.

>275 independent family farms

supported with expert advice and fair pay in Vital Farms’ supplier network at the time of SJF's exit.

>3.4 million pasture-raised hens

enabled a life outdoors on pasture, free of confinement, by Vital Farms’ farmer network at the time of SJF's exit.

108+ square feet of outdoor pasture per hen

roamed and foraged by Vital Farms hens.

50,000 acres of farmland

converted to efficient drip irrigation by BB Hobbs at the time of SJF's exit.

Creating Greater Economic Access

SJF portfolio companies are empowering workers and building pathways for quality workforce opportunities.

130,000 Black, Latinx and Native American students & professionals

provided career advancement support on Jopwell’s platform at the time of SJF's exit.

>2,200 jobs

created by ShipMonk, with its largest population of workers based in its headquarters in an LMI community in Fort Lauderdale.

>101,000 independent contractors

enabled flexible work opportunities on Catalant’s expert marketplace.

>$21,000 average salary increase

for graduates of Springboard's online bootcamp courses.

Accelerating the Impact Investing Industry

Through our collaborative work with peers and leading organizations, SJF extends our firm’s reach, shares lessons learned, and contributes to the success and growth of the impact investing field.

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