June 21, 2010

SJF Publishes Case Studies on Successful Recent Exits

SJF has made available investment case studies on two recently exited companies, Ryla and Salvage Direct.   Both companies produced strong financial results for SJF, generated rapid growth and built unique employee cultures that helped drive business results.

Ryla’s revenue climbed from less than $1.1 million in 2002 to over $100 million in 2009.  The number of employees increased from 20 at the time of SJF’s investment to more than 3,500 today.  Salvage Direct has emerged to be one of the largest sellers of salvage vehicles in the U.S pioneering the internet auction model.  The company’s online auctions for cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles increased the utilization and efficiency of metals recycling and parts reuse for 49,000 salvage vehicles in 2009. 

Ryla Investment Case Study and Salvage Direct Investment Case Study