March 8, 2012

SJF Ventures Launches Third Fund

The launch of SJF Ventures III marks an important milestone for SJF.  It is a truly exciting time as we set out to build a new, exceptional portfolio.  If you know of exciting companies that are scaling rapidly and delivering strong social and environmental impacts, please get in touch with us!

When our team first reflected on SJF Ventures III, we were struck by the fact that SJF is now operating from a twelve-year-old platform.  This platform enables us to engage effectively with thousands of entrepreneurs, co-investors, limited partners, and other industry participants as we strive to build high-growth, impactful companies.  To those who have helped us build this platform, we would like to say thank you!

We particularly want to thank Citi for its leadership role in SJF Ventures III and to all other initial investors who played an important part in the launching of the fund, including Deutsche Bank, Calvert Equity Portfolio, Armonia, Abacus Sustainable Fund, Trillium Asset Management LLC, The CAPROCK Group, OpenBox, ImpactAssets and multiple family and individual investors.

Most of all, however, we want to say thank you to the entrepreneurs, management teams and employees in whom we have invested through SJF’s first two funds.  We recognize that SJF’s capital and assistance play only a part in building a company.  It is your unique ability to innovate, inspire, lead, take extraordinary risks, work tirelessly, and commit yourselves to making a better world that constitute the foundation of where SJF is today.

– The SJF Team