February 25, 2013

eRecyclingCorps Achieves Record 10 Million Wireless Device Trade-Ins

Mobile device trade-in leader sets new collection record, nearly triples year-over-year volume

Barcelona, Spain and Brussels, Belgium– February 25, 2013 – eRecyclingCorps (eRC), the world’s leading provider of operator-grade wireless device trade-in solutions, today announced that it has completed 10 million wireless device trade-ins since its inception in 2009. eRC nearly tripled its collection volumes over the past year, completing more than seven million wireless device trade-ins in 2012 alone – more than any other device trade-in provider. This rapid growth demonstrates the proven success of eRC’s core business proposition integrating instant credit directly into retail point-of-sale platforms, making in-store device trade-ins both convenient and rewarding for wireless customers.

Together with its partners, including leading operators and retailers throughout Europe and North America, last year eRC processed device trade-ins at a rate of almost 20,000 per day, representing 2,255 tons of e-waste diverted from landfills. Each mobile device trade-in represents:

  • A new revenue stream for operators to offset device subsidies.
  • Instant in-store credit that enables immediate customer discounts on new devices or accessories.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in churn.
  • A dependable supply of high-quality, affordable technology that can be resold across the globe, changing lives and bridging the digital divide.
  • An opportunity to recapture precious and rare materials by extending the lifespan of wireless devices rather than creating new phones
  • E-waste diverted from landfill and water resources.

“This major milestone demonstrates that operators are quickly learning about the tremendous power of eRecyclingCorps’ in-store trade-in program to offset surging device subsidy costs, improve customer satisfaction and meet sustainability goals,” said David Edmondson, CEO of eRC. “eRC’s rapid growth is a direct result of our commitment to working hand-in-hand with operators to develop tailored retail support programs that enhance the bottom line. By profitably driving a high volume of mobile device trade-ins, our operator-grade retail model is fundamentally changing how operators and consumers alike view the value of used devices.”

The 10 million devices collected via eRC’s in-store operator and retail programs are repaired to “like new” quality to meet strict standards for functionality. Devices are resold to  consumers in developed and emerging markets, where they offer consumers access to high quality mobile technology at lower costs, helping to bridge the digital divide.

eRC currently operates in ten countries and partners with five of the seven leading carriers in North America as well as several European operators (KPN, Belgacom and more) and more than 10,000 retailer locations worldwide. The company launched its first in-store operator program in 2009 with Sprint, whose Buyback program today boasts an impressive trade-in rate of more than 40 percent and has helped avoid more than $1B in costs while gaining recognition from Compass Intelligence as the top operator buyback program in the United States.

“In-store device trade-ins have become an integrated part of our sales process,” said Fared Adib, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Reverse Logistics at Sprint.  “Buyback is a huge benefit for our customers and for Sprint. It’s been good for our business and mitigates our impact on the environment by keeping old phones active and diverted from landfills.”

“As device lifecycles shrink and the quantity of retired wireless devices increases, the device trade-in market is primed for rapid expansion,” said Weston Henderek, Principal Analyst covering wireless services for the market research firm Current Analysis. “The increase in the number of device trade-in options and their convenience at the point of sale will also encourage consumers to trade in their devices more frequently.”

About eRecyclingCorps
eRecyclingCorps (eRC) is the world’s leading provider of operator-grade wireless device trade-in solutions. Founded in 2009 to provide a scalable model to repurpose and reuse perceptually obsolete devices, eRC partners with global wireless operators and retailers to provide instant, in-store trade-in credit. eRC renews and refurbishes wireless devices in  accordance with the R2/RIOS™ certification standards and is a founding member of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF). The devices are resold to consumers around the world, extending access to affordable, high-quality wireless technology in emerging markets. eRC completed more than seven million wireless device trade-ins worldwide in 2012. eRC operates in ten countries and partners with leading carriers including Sprint, Verizon and TELUS at more than 10,000 retail locations worldwide. For more information, please visit www.erecyclingcorps.com.


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