February 26, 2013

SJF Makes New Investment in Aseptia

Troy and Durham, NC – February 26, 2013 – SJF Ventures announced today it has invested in Aseptia, a state-of-the-art aseptic food processing technology company. SJF participated in Aseptia’s $6 million Series C financing, which also includes angel investors and management. The financing is being used to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity to meet customer demand.

Aseptia’s novel and patented technology enables the production of shelf-stable food products that maintain the flavors and nutrients of fresh food without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. The process also saves energy, packaging material and distribution costs while maintaining over 12 month shelf life, enhancing food safety, and improving product quality and nutritional value. Aseptia opened its Troy, NC based food manufacturing facility in August 2012 under the name Wright Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aseptia. The company produces a wide range of premium food products including fruit sauces, tomato products, vegetables, soups and beverages.

“Aseptia is the cutting edge of sustainable food processing,” said David Griest, Director at SJF Ventures. “Their technology has the potential to replace most every canned product with the equivalent of fresh foods and in a superior packaging form. Aseptia has achieved commercial scale production, allowing major food companies to both improve existing products and launch entirely new categories.”

“Aseptia is committed to transforming the food industry by providing shelf-stable products that maintain the flavors and nutrients of fresh foods without preservatives,” said J. Michael Drozd, President and CEO of Aseptia. “We are delighted to have SJF as a partner. We very much appreciate SJF’s commitment to sustainability and creating disruptive solutions in the marketplace. We share SJF’s vision of building a company that will have a positive impact on the world.”

About Aseptia

Aseptia’s mission is to provide the best tasting, most nutritious, and highest quality shelf-stable foods for its customers. The Aseptia team combines extensive experience in food manufacturing, vast technical expertise in aseptic processing, and a deep entrepreneurial spirit with a drive to innovate. As the technology leader in shelf-stable food processing, Aseptia is capable of creating food products unmatched by any other food producer in the world, customized from concept to plate. For more information visit www.wrightfoods.com.

About SJF Ventures

SJF Ventures is a venture capital fund with offices in Durham, NC, New York and San Francisco. SJF has a 14-year successful record of assisting visionary and talented management teams in building industry-leading firms. SJF provides strong expertise and networks in the resource efficiency, sustainability and tech-enhanced services sectors. For more information visit www.sjfventures.com.

Michael Drozd, CEO
Aseptia, Inc.
(855) 273-7800

David Griest, Managing Director
SJF Ventures
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